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Scouting Works! Scouting Builds Positive Character Through Mentoring

Since the inception of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910, one of their main objectives has been to provide strong role models for youth during their formative years. What our youth need are caring adults who are strong role models. And this could not be any more relevant than it is right now as we see our communities and our nation coming out of a battle against a pandemic – the coronavirus. During the pandemic we saw businesses shutter, schools and churches close, and extracurricular activities come to a screeching halt; leaving our children with very little to occupy their time.

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Scouting Matters! Scouting Builds Positive Character Through Helping Others

Community service is perhaps one of the best benchmarks we can use to judge how our cities and towns are truly performing. When care for those who need it the most is lacking in our country, it speaks volumes about the direction of our society. It is what we do that determines who we are, and who we are is defined by the character we instill in our children and future generations to follow.

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